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Referee Corner

Referee Assignor:  Kyle Trimble at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

All referees are required to be assigned through Arbiter, a web site accessible by referees and referee assignors. All referees are independent contractors – meaning that Shorewood does not have its “own” referees.  Most games are self-assigned, meaning the referee has gone to the website and selected that game to ref.  Self-assigned games are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Often older aged, select games are not left to self-assignment.  We get referees from all over the greater Milwaukee area at River Park and Estabrook Park, in particular for the U11 and older games (which pay more).

Remember, most referees are kids who have played soccer and are learning to ref.  Just as we would not berate a player who has made a mistake, do not do that to the referee.  Just as players continue to improve year after year, so do referees.  Coaches are expected to control the parents.  Mistakes are going to happen - calls are going to be missed.  It happens at all levels of the game.  Please keep in mind:
• The referee is only supposed to call what she or he actually sees. 
• Most calls are judgment calls, made in a split second.  Usually, at least one coach agrees with the referee’s judgment and often one other coach does not. 
• Often the judgment is as to the player’s intent (such as handball, tripping).
• Often a referee will play the advantage – meaning that he or she will allow play to continue if the team victimized by a foul nonetheless keeps possession of the ball and continues play.
• Offside is tough to call even with a full crew.  There are no assistants assigned to rec games.

If you think a ref is wrong as to the laws (the rules) or is doing a poor job.  Contact Kyle so he can try to correct the problem.

For Kickers league games (any rec games above U9 and U11 select) – the home team pays the full ref fee by a Kickers voucher.  A few points regarding vouchers –
• Please fill out the voucher (Date and time, field, teams, and home coach) before you give it to the ref. 
• Please give it to the ref before the game begins.
• Please be sure to discard the old vouchers from last Season.  They are no longer valid.

For select games in the SEGCL (girls), MYRSL (Metro), or the State Leagues, each team is required to:
• Pay half the fee (for the center and two Assistant Referees) in cash and in advance
• Provide a roster
• Provide the league game reports (these are usually available as downloadable forms form the league websites) with players names and numbers filled in, including any club players guest-playing for that game.

Download Referee Rebate Request Form

The Fees for referees are as follows (from the website
Referee Game Fees (effective August 2010)
These fees apply to the State Leagues (Boys & Girls / Premier + 1st Division and Southeast Classic Girls League) as well as the Wisconsin State Championships and recommended for all leagues.

Group Length of Game Ball Size Center Referee Assistant Referee (Each)
U6 (3 v 3) 4 x 8 #3 N/A N/A
U7 & U8 (4 v 4) 4 X 12 #3 $10 N/A
U9 & U10 (5v5 + GK) 2 x 25 #4 $12 $8
U11 & U12 (7v7 + GK) 2 x 30 #4 $25 $15
U13 & U14 (11 v 11) 2 x 35 #5 $35 $25
U15 & U16 (11 v 11) 2 x 40  #5 $40 (rec) / $45 (comp) $25 (rec) / $30 (comp)
U17 / U18 / U19 (11 v 11) 2 x 45 #5 $45 (rec) / $55 (comp) $30 (rec) / $35 (comp)

The procedure for rescheduling referees is as follows (the field rescheduling is separate and in addition to this):

1. Call or e-mail Kyle Trimble.
2. The club or team is responsible to pay refs that show up for game if the referee was not notified in advance
3. Please let Kyle know (a) the teams, the old field, date and time and (b) the new field, date and time
4. The assignor will reset the game for assignment.  Reassigning takes some time.  If you contact the assignor the day before newly rescheduled game it is much more difficult to get the appropriate referee crew assigned.